This Time Around


When Marty Boyle was told by Michael the Archangel through friends that she was to write a book on a spiritual journey and reincarnation, she was stunned. How in heaven’s name did she ever get involved in all this angel stuff? Feeling thoroughly ensconced in the earth realm as her friends soared with the angels, Marty fully understood that she was on the outside, looking in. Besides, many of the books she had read about spiritual journeying felt elitist: those authors and their marvelous experiences were far beyond her own earthbound reality of grading spelling tests, making meatloaf and folding laundry.

Taking a big breath and trusting that all was unfolding as it must, she agreed; the journey part would be easy, but the reincarnation component puzzled her. Marty had no theological degree in her back pocket, fancy initials after her name, or even a clear understanding of the subject matter at the time. She timidly asked one friend to broach the subject again to Michael to ensure it was not some bizarre cosmic typo on his part. Marty knew the angelic realm had a great many talents, but wasn’t sure about their basic typing skills. Maybe the memo was earmarked for Morty Bayle. Or Marly Boyte. But you get the picture.

Marty held her breath and the answer came quickly. "Michael wants you to start on reincarnation from the intellectual plane because that's where you are right now. But, later, with help from Epheniel [her guardian angel], your father and me [Michael of Archangel fame], you will be brought to another plane." This Time Around is the tale of that journey, written by the angelic realm and typed by a human whose only credential was her desire to write with/for the celestial realm and her willingness to share her incredible experiences and learning with others who also felt themselves to be on the outside, looking in. Only after it was written did realization dawn that the book, indeed, was about reincarnation.

And the fancy initials after her name? That worked out, as well: Marty Boyle, S.E.J. – Spirit on an Earth Journey.

With much Cosmic Love and Light,

Marty Boyle